5 Must-Have Features of a Perfect ID Badge


Identification cards have become rather obsolete in recent times mainly because of the disregard by most business owners. The fact that many organizations do not require employees to wear badges emphasizes the prevailing negative situation. It is important for people to be informed of just how important identification cards are, not only to the company but to the individuals. The right identification badges can enhance safety at the workplace, improve customer relations and build on the brand. These cards also serve to facilitate better control and coordination of operations for increased production. That being said, some important considerations for employee ID cards include;

Card Quality and Design

The most important thing to consider when choosing ID badges for your business is the print material of the card. Even though plastic cards are the most widely used, there are other materials that can be of the same quality and durability. More so, another important aspect to keep in mind is the design of the card such that it is either one or two-sided. The latter design can offer more space for additional information or features like smart chips, barcodes or security magnetic stripes.

The fact that the card is a piece of your brand emphasizes the need to make it reflect on the company image. The layout of the card should be simplistic for communication purposes. To enhance readability, you may consider adding departmental colors to outline the size of the organization.

Company Logo

To capitalize on ID cards as marketing and branding pieces, it is crucial to include the company logo. The logo should represent the company vividly on the ID badge by use of basic colors, fonts and descriptive details. Even though forgery could be an issue, using advanced security features like holographic logo overlay could prove useful security-wise.

Employee Information

ID badges should be personal and therefore need to feature the name of the employee, their job title and any other relevant information for quick identification. Since there is very little space on an ID badge to fit these details, it is important that you print only what is necessary to be assured that the info will serve its purpose.

Employee Photo

Photos are mainly printed onto ID badges for authenticity purposes but they also enhance security to some extent. Most photo badges including licenses and passports include photos for quick identification. If you want to do away with security concerns in your organization, it is important that you do not overlook the need for photo IDs for all employees.

Corporate Communication

Employee IDs can also be used to publicize and market the company in a professional way. By including a mission statement or tagline on all employee badges, there will be some uniformity and you will be able to spread the company message while promoting your brand. You can also include your website on the card either as plain text or embedded in a unique barcode for quick scanning on smart devices.

All these must-have features necessitate that you invest in a high quality ID card printer for easy and timely printing of badges for your employees. You should also watch your budget so that you get the best value for your investment.